Benelux metallurgy was a non-profit society of scientists located in the Benelux Area. This society was an official member of the Federation of European Materials Societies.

The aim of this Society is to divulge the technical, economic and scientific activities of the Benelux metallurgical industry, to create a spirit of emulation and a force of cohesion within the industry, and to contribute towards the development of metallurgical research, both in industry and in university laboratories.

Benelux Metallurgie has published the quarterly journal "ATB metallurgie". This journal aimed at publishing scientific articles regarding metal properties, processes and applications with a special focus on the research and conference activities in the Benelux area. The journal was distributed to all members of Benelux metallurgie, i.e. professional engineers, scientists, university research departments and R&D centers of metal company.

Benelux Metallurgie organised events and conferences to promote exchanges between young researchers and PhD students in the Benelux area.

The activities of Benelux metallurgie were co-ordinated by a Board Committee composed of University Professors and directors of public or private R&D centers.